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With over two decades of expert product development, Flexiteek 2G is the patented, synthetic teak decking alternative to real teak. And it looks every bit as beautiful.

Flexiteek 2G Production

We founded Flexiteek in 2000, with the aim of revolutionising the traditional decking market. By extruding ‘planks’ out of PVC, we have created an innovative product that looks every bit as beautiful as teak. It also offers significant performance advantages.

The Flexiteek 2G we sell today is a beautiful, long lasting, high performance decking, designed to cope in all weather conditions. It is available in over 30 different colour combinations and can feature bespoke designs, logos and lettering. The exceptional quality of our product design and fitting makes it the preferred choice for boats of all sizes.

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Other Products

In 2019, Flexiteek acquired UK based Wilks Rubber Plastics Ltd (now Flexiteek InternationalLtd), bringing over 50 years of manufacturing expertise into our group. Isiteek was developed to offer a simple do-it-yourself decking system crafted from recyclable composite materials. 

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